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 "The clean tones are huge, shimmering, and beautiful, the amp is super touch sensitive and the tone stack is really flexible.  I'm also really impressed by the Master Volume.  It has plenty of flexibility without losing its vintage vibe." - Ryan Holmes, Gries 5
"It sounds amazing & it is plenty loud enough.  The bassist said it sounds like all the things you like about a Marshall & a Fender combined in one amp.  Thanks, brother."  - Peter Parcek, Gries 15 w/ Celestion Blue
"Amazing...  The natural compression was astounding...  Plenty versatile, reverb is beautiful...  It's got great blackface tone but has the ability to get nice and chimey...  You've got a real special amp here!"  - Dan King, the Ground Up band, Gries 35
"Just took this amp to a jam session and it absolutely killed.  Amazing tones with a Les Paul and a Strat.  It covers everything from SRV to Jimi to Wes...held its own with a $4000 boutique amp!...the best 6L6 repro amp I've ever heard." - Jack Zucker, author of "Sheets of Sound for Guitar", Gries35
"The sound of my new Gries JW45 (JTM45 circuit) - Glorious.  In hearing it it was the first word that came to mind." - Larry Muller 
"Awesome...The guitar just has so much depth and sparkle...almost three dimensional." - Joe Montalto, Gries 15 prototype
"Wow, was my first impression. What a great looking amp. I couldn't wait to give it a try. Once I did I was amazed with the "5" combo. Rich tone and plenty of volume and gain for the Pro player. Also handled many different pedals perfectly. Awesome amp Dave!!" - Gregory Decker, Professional player & Music Gear Guys owner

"The sounds are fabulously deep and heavenly clear with fantastics growls." - Robert Perry, Canada, Gries 5

"The Gries 5 is awesome...a real be-all-end-all amp!" - Joses Teo, Singapore

"WOW!!!! Beautiful cleans and nice, full low end. ...I got exactly what I was looking for." - Keith Lester, Gries 5

"This thing is exactly what I've been looking for---for a long time. Killer low volume blackface tones with tons of bass and sparkling highs....every pedal I put in front of it sounds great. A full, rich pretty much any volume." - Brett, Gries 5

"Just letting you know how impressed I am with the Gries 5. It took a bit of time experimenting with settings, but man, it is sounding amazing! On the neck pickup of a Tele, the sounds are about the prettiest I've heard from a tube amp. Clean, complex, perfect balance bass to treble, chime, and breakup if you dig in. There's something about the 6V6 tube in a single-ended design. You can almost get it to talk." - Brad Schultz

"It's the best Blackface style clone that I have heard so far. The amp has all the 6v6 tone that I hoped for with a very sweet midrange and a beautiful lush sounding reverb. What really surprised me is how good the Tonkerlite sounds. Definitely worth looking into and the lighter speaker can save you some back aches." - Joel Vasile, Gries 20 with Tonkerlite

"I'm very impressed. Very workable master volume and probably the quietest amp I own. Very nice tone. Will get gritty in that singing sustaining way as opposed to high, high gain. Will also clean up really nicely with the right master vol/volume settings. Reverb is very lush and deep. Very usable tone controls and stellar workmanship from what I can see." - Bill Barnard, Gries 35

"I was surprised at how much bass the Gries 5 had. Definitely not a thin sounding amp. Clean headroom was pretty good (again this is at low master volume) for a 5 watter, with the gain all the way down (blackface mode). Cleans were round and bell-like. With the gain full on I got a smooth breakup, very nice for bluesy leads. What I really liked was the feeling that there was very little between your guitar and what you heard coming out of the speaker. Simple pure blackface tone. can easily be used in a band setting." - Gee Hou Tng, Singapore

"The Gries 5 is one sweet little amp. Crank up the gain and it sounds amazing. Dial in slight break up to down right mean. For 5 watts this thing is loud! The cleans are very sweet. I compared it to my XXXXX XX 18 clean channel with its bright switch pulled. To my ears it definitly has better cleans than the XXXXX to and the XXXXX has some pretty nice clean tones." - Jay Miller

"...the clean is the best, most balanced clean tone I have ever heard." - Matt Pasquerella, Gries 5

"Between the two volumes, treble, bass and gain controls, you can get just about any guitar to sound good at any volume. Lots of sweet spots instead of the usual one that most Champ type amps have. I've been through a bunch of low watt tube amps looking for something for around the house that has the kind of tone that I won't get tired of after three months. So, I took a chance on the Gries. Glad I did." - Pat Abramson, Gries 5

"I've been using my Gries 35 amp for a couple of months now and I'm blown away. The amp has that nice Fender style clean top end but with a fuller bottom and plenty of head room. It responds beautifully to various pick attacks and dynamics. It's become my main amp for both live and studio." - Brad Rabuchin

"The amp sounds really sweet, both clean and dirty tones are very articulate. Cleans are nice and warm with a complex harmonic texture. I love the smooth breakup as the amp gets pushed. The bright switch adds plenty of spank...I leave it on all the time!" - Ted Thompson, the Johnny Law Band, Gries 35

"I just bought a Gries 5... It is stellar! It knocked my other low wattage amp right out of my house. This amp is very tweakable and sounds amazing. I don't even like to use my pedals because I want to hear the sound of the amp." - Nathaniel Schudrich

" sounds like a million bucks. Truly awesome." - Steve Effren, Gries 35

"The clean tones are amazing. There's no brittleness on the high end and just sweet shimmering trebles. The mids are full and punchy and low end is something you have to hear for yourself. It's deep, tight and resonant. An excellent amp for the buck!" - Malcolm Tan, Singapore, Gries 35

"The amp feels great. Has plenty, plenty, plenty of bottom end. Really nice dynamics in the top end...Responds to one's picking in a nice way. It sounds open and the notes have nice girth. Excellent, excellent feel and touch response." - Andrew Campbell, The Andrew Campbell Nework, Gries 35

"Very nice clean tones and the reverb is better than any xxxxxx I've ever heard...It's exactly what I was looking for in a 1x12 combo." - Jeffrey Henderson, Protean Frequency, Gries 20

"...this thing gives them all a severe beating and sends them to bed with no dessert!" - Greg Koelling, comparing his 35 with all of his previous amps

"That amp....KILLER" - Scott Tarulli, Assistant Professor, Berklee College of Music, after auditioning the Gries 18 prototype

"Gries Twenty. Best small amp value around IMO." - Steve Shannahan

"The amp is amazing. Thanks." - Jason Ritz, Yellow 9, Gries 20

"We did a blackface clone shoot out yesterday and he took the winner home." - Paul at Junior's Music discussing the sale of a Gries 35.

"I have to tell you that in the last two months I've been using the "Twenty" exclusively and without exception, every place I play it, the tone is commented on enthusiasticly: In the recording studio it does everything, at jams, once it's been played all the guitar players want to use it, and on Hoodoo Band Gigs I've been constantly amazed and inspired by the richness and complexity of its tones - A GREAT STRAT AMP, and with my ES-345 the sound is simply all-out luscious! Thanks soooo much." - Greg McCullough, the HooDoo Band, Gries 20

"I want to give you some feedback on the Gries 35. I had a tremendously great time with that amp last night. After a 4 hour gig, I was so pumped that I wanted to keep going... All I kept saying to the bass player on our breaks was "I love that amp , I love that amp, I love that amp." If there is one thing I know it's tone. Now my xxxxxxxxx 22's are my back ups and my 2-12 xxxxxx is on consignment." - Joe Montalto, Don't Tell Muddy

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