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Artists' Sound Clips

Dan Peterson with Magnolia Blue

Dan is playing his ES335 straight into his Gries 5 - no pedals!

J Kelley Band - Shake You

J Kelley's video, "Shake You".  Full disclosure - J's Gries 15 appears in 3 scenes in this video.  It's not on the recording becaues he didn't own it at the time the CD was done.  More full disclosure - Dave Gries is playing bass on "Big Lights", the tune that opens the video.

Richard Massey - Gries 12 with a Strat

Richard Massey - Gries 12 with a 335

Richard is playing his '93 Clapton Strat and his '69 Gibson 335 over a loop.  Richard's Gries 12 has a Scumback M75 speaker.

Peter Parcek Band - "Blues in D Natural"

Recorded at Whiplash in Worcester, MA.  Peter is playing a 50th Anniversary Fender Strat through his Gries 15 with a Celestion Alnico Blue.

Jack Zucker - Sheets of Sound - "Sunny"

Jack is playing a Heritage Eagle thinline through a Gries 35.  

Jack Zucker - Sheets of Sound - "How Insensitive"

Jack Zucker - Sheets of Sound - Seventy Seven Albatross Jazz Demo

In these two videos Jack is playing a Seventy Seven Albatross Jazz guitar through a Gries 35.

Takaki Yoshigoe - Fly Me to the Moon

Takaki is playing a Gibson ES-175 through the only Gries 35 ever shipped to Japan. 

Dan King - Gries 35 Clean

Dan King - Gries 35 Dirty

Dan is playing a Superlead '59 Tele replica with Ron Ellis pickups straight into a Gries 35.

Brad Schultz "C Minor Blues"

Brad Schultz "Spanky"

Brad plays a Tele into his Gries 5 combo with a Scumnico speaker.